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In 2010, Rod Clemmons was the Golf Clubmaker Association's (GCA)
Tennessee Clubmaker of the Year.

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Our special price for women's clubs is just $450. | More information on our latest equipment is coming soon.

Wilson County's Source for Custom Golf Club Fittings

When you walk into a pro shop or sporting goods store and see all of the expensive clubs that they have, you might think that's what sets the professional golfers ahead of the rest. But it's a top-quality golf club fitting that really matters. That's why CCCGOLFUSA will make sure that the club's grip, length, speed, and shaft are all perfectly matched to your swing. If you want to improve your game, our custom golf clubs can definitely help.

Whether you're looking for an affordable high-lofted driver for a junior golfer or single length irons from Wishon Golf Technology—we can custom fit the perfect club for you, resulting in a consistent swing. Here at CCCGOLFUSA, most of our business comes from referrals because our services are so amazing. If you're just learning to golf and have questions, feel free to call or text us.

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If you're looking for professionally fitted custom clubs, contact CCCGOLFUSA in Lebanon, Tennessee. We also offer golf instruction and club repair services. Sometimes just a small fix can totally transform your swing. For example, replacing an old, worn-out grip can prevent excessive grip tension and pressure.

If your clubs don't fit properly, your swing will not improve. You won't have to worry about that with the help of CCCGOLFUSA. After a two-hour period of taking measurements in our studio with different types of clubs, we will provide you with information that you may use to buy clubs that fit. Whether or not you want to buy clubs from us, we offer plenty of options that would benefit your swing.

Our customized clubs can fit your exact specifications. If you want a driver to hit the ball straight and far, we can construct it for you. If you have a problem with hitting too high or burying your driver into the ground, we can fix that too, making the club conform to your swing. Contact us today for more information. Learn More

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