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Professional Golf Club Repair & Grinding Services

Instead of replacing your clubs, CCCGOLFUSA's amazing repairs can extend the life of your golf clubs. This is a great way to save money. Rod is a certified KBS Shaft Fitter. Contact us in Lebanon, Tennessee for more information. Our golf club repair and grinding services provide meticulous, professional upgrading of your golf clubs.

Custom Ground Clubs That Help You Get Into the Swing Of Things

At the critical point of contact, custom ground golf clubs make the difference in scoring. Custom wedges let you hit the flop, the knock down, the hit-and-stick, and that floating sand shot that you covet. CCCGOLFUSA can help you swing just like the pros. Professional golfers typically have the bounce of the sole of their wedges adjusted so that they can open the club face and get closer to the hole. Those great touch shots around the green are not just skill—pros have an equipment advantage created by a custom club maker.

Our fantastic custom grinding services allow us to create a totally custom club head from a blank, or reshape an established club head to fit your specific needs. CCCGOLFUSA can also adjust the center of gravity of a club to produce shots that are higher or lower, depending on your game improvement goals.

Assorted Golf Clubs

Custom ground clubs are the ultimate personalization. Our clubmaker, Rod Clemmons, is one of the few dozen clubmakers in the nation with GCA Master Craftsman club grinding status. Now you can take advantage of club adjustments that were formerly available to only a select few PGA tour players. Call or text us to find out about the difference that custom grinding can make. Rod can even give you a few pointers on your wedge game.

High-Quality Golf Club Repairs

Do you want to hit farther and straighter? Reshafting is the quickest way to make your current clubs better. There is a reason that PGA pros take their branded drivers to the club van for reshafting. A quality shaft that fits the swing makes a huge feel and performance difference. CCCGOLFUSA's reshafting prices start at $14.95 per shaft plus the cost of the shaft and new grip. Bore through and specialty club heads cost more.

Off-the-rack irons seldom have the correct lie angle for your swing, and the lofts are often incorrect. A quick club tune-up could make all the difference quickly and without a huge expense. Our loft and lie adjustments are just $4.50 per club. Contact CCCGOLFUSA to set up a club tune-up appointment.

Regripping is the quickest and most-economical way to make your clubs feel brand new. Your grip is your only contact point to control your swing, yet it is the most neglected opportunity for improvement in golf. If your grips are more than a year old or don't fit your hand, you are losing 3 to 5 strokes per round. Get fresh grips and a custom fit for as low as $4.50 per grip.